DoDEA Operations in a "Government Shutdown"

In the event of a lapse in appropriations after September 30, 2023 leading to a “government shutdown”, DoDEA schools will remain open for normal operations, except for sports (including practices) and extracurricular activities which will pause during a shutdown.

School Activities


Peer to peer group that welcomes new students to Ikego Elementary. Anchored for Life provides all students with a safe space to talk about the changes and transitions that come along with military life.

Meeting Time: After School

The Chess Club is a popular after school activity for 3rd-5th graders.Please inquiry with our Chess leader, Mr. Mohn!

Join our Game Club!  Work on your homework during the first half of Game Club and then enjoy the remaining time playing games with your friends! 

The Minecraft Club is a select group of experienced Minecrafters. This Spring they will be facilitating Minecraft lessons in multiple classrooms. Currently, the club is full.

Meets on: Wednesday

Meeting Time: 1430-1600

 Students are responsible for arriving to school a little early and staying a few minutes later, to assist others in crossing the streets to Ikego ES safely.

Meets on: Monday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

What is Soroban Club?Soroban, known as the Japanese abacus in English, is considered to be the first calculator in Japan. At Ikego, students learn to use the Soroban. During the club activity, we are going to practice calculations using Soroban and w...

Meeting Time: 1415-1515

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